Who We Are & What We Do ?
We are a fellowship of GOD's people in the UK to worship  God Almighty- the Supreme Creator, Saviour and Sanctifier- and to serve His living Church. We believe and proclaim Jesus, our Lord and Saviour and submit our humble human forms (our spirit, soul (mind), body and all what we possess) to His Lordship to purify us with His precious Blood and to be anointed by the Holy Spirit.We are guided by the Word of God revealed in the Holy Bible and by the Apostolic traditions. We work in the Kingdom of God for the Universal salvation of all human mankind irrespective of religions, denominations, rites and cultures. We believe that all persons who accept Jesus as the Saviour and Lord (Son of God, the second person in the Holy Trinity) and baptize in the exalted name of the "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" forms part of the Body of Christ, His Church on earth and the new Israel. Jesus said "I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd" (John 10:16). We believe that the Word of God and the Precious Blood of Christ will cleanse and purify all those who believe in Jesus from their sins, redeem them from their bondages (the momentary pleasures of sin) and shall anoint His disciples with the power of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry is based at St Teresa's Catholic Church in Filton, Bristol BS34 7PL. We serve under the pastoral guidance of Rev. Fr. Tom Finnegan. With humble beginnings we commenced our fellowship in 2004 and since then we are growing in Faith in the love of GOD, in the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and in the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT. We adore and worship Lord, one in mind and spirit. Our service team adheres to the teachings and doctrines of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Church. We have an intercessory team that kneels down in prayers every day for daily prayer requests. Our evangelization team helps Christian media ministries around the globe in their missions and helps to arrange evangelization programmes like bible conventions, retreats, faith formation camps, seminars and classes. We help missionaries and other evangelists financially in their missions and helps them spiritually through our intercessory prayers. Our children's ministry and women's cell are also active. We also have a social outreach team that helps the poor and needy. If you are called by our Heavenly Father and if you wish to work for God's Kingdom on earth, please join our network to spread the Word of God. This is not for personal glory or for gratification, but to do our humble part for the Glory of God and His Kingdom. If you stand in this world to witness Jesus Christ, God who cares for you will bless you abundantly out of His riches of glory. Don't be decieved by the vicious plans of Devil, who wants your soul in the Hell. Run away from the Sinful world and come to Jesus Christ, who cares for your soul and calls you to enter His Heavenly Kingdom. Awake and Act now!
Malayalam Language Service Schedule
Every 4th Sundays of the month:
Children's catechism (4.30 pm- 5.30 pm)
Holy Confession & Rosary (5 pm)
Holy Mass (5.30 pm)
Testimony & Thanks giving (7 pm)
Psalms & Benediction (7.30 pm)

Every Sundays except 4th Sundays:
Children's Liturgy & Rosary (5 pm)
Praise & Worship service (5.30 pm)
Testimony & Thanks giving (6 pm)
Meditation on the Word of God (6.30 pm)
Psalms & Benediction (7.15 pm)

Every Saturdays (home based):
Intercessory Team Night Vigil Prayer (11 pm - 1 am)

Every Saturdays (home based):
Area Prayer fellowship meetings (4 pm - 6 pm)

Every 1st Fridays of the month (at St Maximilian Kolbe Chapel, Alfoxton Road, Horfield BS7 9NH):
Night Vigil Prayer & Holy Mass (9 pm - 1 am)

We have fellowship gatherings on special occasions as well as during Christmas and Easter. We also co-operate with the services of the Bristol St Thomas Catholic Community, other Apostolic congregations in Bristol from Kerala and the respective local churches.
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